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Vemuram Shanks II Fuzz Pedal

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Our Price: $435.00

Product Description

The SHANKS II was designed and based on the vintage sound of the Fuzz Face, Tonebender and the BUZZAROUND. Equipped with 2 Silicon Transistors and a FET with 3 Orange Drop capacitors.  A versatile pedal which allows you to dial in the range of the fuzz to suit your needs with any kind of pickups.

John Shanks Comment:

“It’s a boost, it’s a fuzz with a big tonal landscape, roll your volume down or up to get either clarity and chime or full on Zeppelin, Clapton, Hendrix all with headroom.  Versatile for all situations. It’s the child of the original 3 knob and the 4knob.”

  • Transistors:  2 Silicon Transistors, FET
  • Controls:  Level, Fuzz, Tone, Bias(Trimmer)
  • Switches:  ON/OFF
  • Terminal:  Input, Output
  • Power :  006P (9 Volt Battery) or 9Volt regulated AC/DC adapter(Center Negative)
  • Size:  70(W)x114(D)x50(H)mm
  • Weight:  395g
  • Current Draw:  2m/A
  • *Please do not use higher voltage than 9V with this pedal.  It is specifically created and designed for 9V


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