Walrus Audio Fundamental Series Tremolo Pedal


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Walrus Audio Fundamental Series Tremolo Pedal

Midwood Guitar Studio is a proud dealer of Walrus Audio Effects!

From Walrus:   


The Fundamental Tremolo is a classic optical tremolo, giving you that iconic chewy movement. With three wave shapes to select from, you can get sounds from smooth and soothing to glitchy, wild, and crazy.


  • Rate – The Rate slider sets how fast or slow the LFO is oscillating. A lower rate gives a gentle wavering texture, while a higher rate gives a shimmering and pulsating effect.
  • Depth – The Depth slider controls the strength of the tremolo effect. At a lower depth, the volume oscillations stay closer to the input for a more subtle movement. At a higher depth, the tremolo becomes more pronounced with the volume are greater.
  • Volume – The Volume slider sets the overall output volume of the pedal.
  • Slide Switch – The slide switch allows you to change between three distinct oscillator waveforms: Sine: Sine gradually adds and decreases volume smoothly for an easy and subtle tremolo. Square: Much more pronounced than sine, square wave has a more on-off pattern. Random: Uses sample and hold that picks new random values at an interval set by the rate control.





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