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Tone King Amps

Tone King Amps reign over vintage-voiced, high-end tube amps inspired by iconic American models of the 50s and 60s. From tweed to blackface and beyond, they have carefully researched and reproduced every sonic nuance while imbuing each of their designs with modern flexibility. If you’re looking for a classic sound that can be shaped, molded, and attenuated to suit our current musical context, then Tone King may prove the perfect match.

In the competitive world of tube amp-building, eye-catching aesthetics are a must. Tone King Amplifiers paint with a vintage palette that feels both nostalgic and fresh. Their TV style and traditional cabinets are all built from Baltic Birch. The classic, car-inspired styling telegraphs the mojo that lies within.

One of Tone King’s signature ingredients is the Ironman II Reactive Power Attenuator. Tube amps sound best when they’re pushed, but that isn’t always possible when volume is an issue. The built-in attenuator on a Tone King amp allows you to tap into the tonal sweet spot without disturbing your neighbors.

The simple yet effective controls on Tone King amps let you dial in the perfect sound with little effort. The Falcon Grande, for example, sports a single tone knob, but offers three distinct switchable voicings: rhythm (blackface), tweed, and lead. The 5-watt Gremlin pares things down even further, offering a rhythm and lead channel with the ability to switch between them with an ABY pedal. The 20-watt MK II and the 35-watt Sky King also use the lead/rhythm channel design but come loaded with bias modulation tremolo and tube-driven spring reverb. The Sky King also lets you select between pentode or ultra-linear operation modes.

Style and substance are constant bedfellows with Tone King tube amps, making them the perfect fit for Midwood guitar studio. We’re always on the hunt for gear that looks great, sounds phenomenal, and is intuitive to use. These amps play beautifully with everything we plug into them, and we’re thrilled to carry the line. Stop by the showroom today and take one for a spin!

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