Suhr Guitars


Suhr Guitars have long been a pioneer and leader in the boutique electric guitar industry.


Suhr Guitars was created by A musician turned luthier, John Suhr. John Suhr built his first guitar to hone in that “perfect tone” for himself onstage. Not only was he successful, but his creations soon caught the attention of some of the best guitarists on the planet. In the 80s while working at “Rudy’s Music” in NYC, John began producing “Pensa-Suhr” guitars (“Pensa” being Rudy’s last name). Under this brand, he built custom instruments for Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton, Peter Frampton, and others. In the early 90s, he co-founded Custom Audio Amplifiers and worked as a Senior Master Builder at Fender Custom Shop. In 1997, John started Suhr Guitars. He has also become well-known for amplifiers, pickups, and pedals. Decades of painstaking attention to detail at the bench combined with the precision of modern CNC technology allow Suhr Guitars to produce instruments of exceptional quality and consistency. Find your next Suhr Guitar at Midwood Guitar Studio, or contact us to custom spec your dream Suhr

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