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Suhr Guitars

A pioneer and longtime leader in the boutique electric guitar company, Suhr Guitars was founded by musician turned luthier, John Suhr, who started building guitars to hone in that “perfect tone” for himself onstage. Show after show, he’d return to his bench to make new changes and substitutions. The guitars got better and better, and today, modern and classic designs bearing his name have found their way into the hands of some of the best guitarists on the planet. In the boutique gear industry, Suhr has become synonymous with tone and style.

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About Suhr Guitars

John Suhr is a perfectionist whose attention to detail is known across the guitar shredding world. Although he built his first guitar in 1974, it would be another decade before he was satisfied with his design. In 1984, while working at “Rudy’s Music” in NYC, John began producing “Pensa-Suhr” guitars (“Pensa” being Rudy’s last name). Under this brand, he built custom instruments for Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton, Peter Frampton, and many others. Word got out, and players all over started to contact him for guitars like the ones he was building for their musical Idols. After establishing himself as a brilliant guitar builder, John Suhr set out to design new tube amplifiers that would likewise serve his musical vision.

After establishing himself as a brilliant guitar builder, John Suhr set out to design new tube amplifiers that would likewise serve his musical vision. In the early 90s he moved to LA and began working with Bob Bradshaw of Custom Audio Electronics. Together, they designed the OD-100 amp head which Suhr still sells under the CAE name.

Fender Custom Shop Master Builder

John Suhr passed all of the tests and established himself as a leader in the guitar world, and in 1995 was hired as Senior Master Builder at the Fender Custom Shop, an honor amongst guitar builders that’s equivalent to being knighted by the queen herself. He spent 2 years at the Fender Custom Shop before leaving in 1997 to form his own company with Steve Smith. Suhr had all of the knowledge and skills to build state of the art guitars, and Smith had experience in management and CNC programming. Together, the two had total control of the manufacturing process, and could dictate every detail from conception to production. During the first few years of working together they produced several high end guitars to customer specification, and introduced a new model about once a year. They also made a name for themselves making custom pickups, including the custom single coil pickups for Scott Henderson.

Suhr Guitars for Everyone

With traditional and progressive builds that draw inspiration from Fender and Gibson while still being completely unique, Suhr has something in their catalogue for every kind of guitarist. They offer both “standard” and “classic” versions of traditional S and T style body shapes as well as an off-set and an LP. They even have a line of modern S-styles, specifically designed for shredders, that features some of the coolest figured tops and finishes you’ll ever see. Whether fully custom or part of the Pro Series, which is offered at a lower price, Suhr produces sensitive and highly refined musical tools that become an extension of the player.

Suhr Amps, Pickups & Pedals

While Suhr was originally known for custom built guitars, they also produce some of the best amps and pickups in the business. The Suhr Bella Amp, an immaculately clean 6L6 pedal platform, has become a staple of versatility, while their silent single coil pickups have revolutionized the industry by banishing the hum without sacrificing clarity. They even have a new line of Suhr pedals that further allow players to refine and shape their tone. Wherever guitarists want to be, John Suhr is ten steps ahead. He’s assembled a team of practical innovators who know what it takes to command a room with six strings. At Suhr, they specialize in reconciling dreams with reality.

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