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Crazy Tube Circuits is a boutique guitar pedal & effects builder based in Athens, Greece that designs unique pedals. As a guitar player, you know that the right pedal can make all the difference in achieving the sound you're after. That's why Crazy Tube Circuits has dedicated themselves to designing and building pedals that not only sound great but also offer unique features and controls that truly set them apart.

The team at Crazy Tube Circuits is passionate about providing guitar players with innovative tools for creative expression. From classic overdrive and distortion pedals to unique effects like delay and reverb, each Crazy Tube Circuit product is designed to inspire you to take your playing to the next level.

The Unobtanium overdrive is one of Crazy Tube's most popular pedals. The right side of the pedal mimic’s lush clean overdriven Klon tones via German diodes. The right side simulates iconic Dumble Amplifier Tones.

Take, for example, the Cyclone analog phaser pedal from Crazy Tube Circuits. This pedal offers a classic phaser sound with a range of controls that allow you to tweak and tailor your tone to your heart's content. With knobs for speed, depth, resonance, and a three-way toggle switch for different phaser modes, the Cyclone is a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of settings and genres. This pedal is a great fit for keyboardist!

Another standout Crazy Tube Circuits pedal is the Splash VIII reverb pedal. The pedal features unique controls for modulation and decay, allowing you to create lush, ambient soundscapes that can take your playing to a whole new level. The Splash pedal also offers a wet/dry mix knob, making it easy to dial in just the right amount of reverb for your sound.

Crazy Tube Circuits pedals are built to last, with rugged enclosures, high-quality construction and attention to detail in every aspect of the design. Whether you're a seasoned guitar professional or just starting out, adding a Crazy Tube Circuits guitar pedal to your pedal board is a great way to expand your sonic palette and explore new creative possibilities. So why wait? Try out a Crazy Tube Circuits effects pedal today in our guitar store or visit our online guitar shop.

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  • Crazy Tube Circuits Super Conductor Boost Pedal Crazy Tube Circuits Super Conductor Boost Pedal

    Crazy Tube Circuits Super Conductor Boost Pedal

    Crazy Tube Circuits
    Crazy Tube Circuits Super Conductor Boost Pedal Midwood Guitar Studio is proud to now stock Crazy Tube Circuits!  From Crazy Tube Circuits: Super Conductor features 4 distinct boost circuits in a small pedal format. Based on one-knob-wonders of...
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