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Hudson Electronics

Hudson Electronics are a UK based guitar pedal designer and vintage inspired effects builder. Hudson’s unique build process evolves around the components that used in the broadcast and recording consoles of the 1960’s.

Hudson Electronics’ Broadcast pedal pairs two transistors, one NOS Germanium and the other Silicone, to offer vintage mojo with modern flexibility. It also has a unique Triad steel-core transformer. The result is an incredibly dynamic guitar pedal that can conjure everything from a bright, clean boost, to transparent overdrive, to bristling fuzz. It’s extremely responsive to your volume and tone knob, which makes it easy to tailor straight from your guitar.

The dials on the Broadcast are intuitive, yet sensitive. You get a volume, a gain trim, a low cut, and a high/low gain toggle. The beauty lies in the way these settings interact; the gain trim rolls off the highs when dimed, and the low cut is on the front end. It’s easy to find a great tone, but make sure you run your amp hot enough for the germanium to do its thing. The pedal can take voltages between 9V and 24V, with more power offering more headroom. The Broadcast is also offered with a dual foot-switch (for selecting gain modes) and as an Ariel Posen signature model (with all silicon transistors, and an overall darker, smoother tone).

In addition to the Broadcast, Hudson builds an 808-inspired pedal with two Germanium diodes. Compared to the original, the Sidecar is smoother, darker, and more transparent. It also has a two-band EQ reminiscent of the vintage Studer Recording Console. This pedal offers a sonic spectrum that ranges from subtle to extreme.

We carry a diverse array of guitar pedals & effects at Midwood Guitar Studio and would love to help you add a few to your pedal board. Stop by and describe what you’re looking for, and we’ll discuss options. For vintage germanium vibes, Hudson Electronics is the new reigning king. Let’s fire one up!

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