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Vemuram Pedals

Vemuram Pedals makes guitar pedals with the care and attention of master luthiers. To them, an effect pedal isn’t an accessory, but an extension of the electric guitar. In the same way that pro guitar players refine their sound by cultivating technique, Vemuram can be dialed in to reflect a personal touch. These guitar pedals are the secret ingredient needed to propel you’re playing to a new dimension of rock excellence.

The brass pedal housing is the first thing one notices. Commonly used for wind instruments, brass is a musical metal that helps eliminate unwanted static and noise in an effects pedal. It’s also extremely durable and will hold up to the inevitable wear and tear of touring.

In the pursuit of subjective perfection, each Vemuram pedal comes with a trim control that lets you set the gain ceiling. Accessible on the side via screwdriver, the player can adjust the pedal to best suit their guitar, pickups, and amp. Once a balance is struck, you can enjoy the range of colors and textures available through the knobs with the assurance that every configuration will sound good.

At Vemuram, “hand-made” really means hand-made. Each circuit is customized and precisely placed on the board. Each of their units is carefully engineered and fine-tuned. Inside and out, the guitar pedals are a work of art.

One of our favorite units is the Jan-Ray Overdrive pedal. This transparent overdrive pedal emulates the clear, punchy character of a 60s Fender blackface amp. It preserves the natural character of your guitar, while imbuing it with vintage mojo.

We also love the Myriad Fuzz, the result of a fruitful collaboration with blues virtuoso Josh Smith. By combining both silicon and germanium transistors, the Myriad Fuzz pedal spans the wide expanse of fuzz tones: vintage to modern, spitty to smooth. The applications are limitless. Vemuram also offers a loop/mixer, dual output version of the Myriad fuzz for use with multiple amps, further advancing the potential for unique combinations.

Here at Midwood Guitar Studio, we believe that guitar pedals are essential components in the perfect rig. They mediate and enhance the interaction between the guitar and amp which allows you to make dramatic tonal shifts in time with the music.

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