Midwood Guitar Studio stocks its walls with electric guitars that combine innovative design with vintage-inspired mojo. We endorse builders that seamlessly imbue traditional aesthetics with modern features and structural improvements. We are a dedicated group of performing and recording musicians with a wide appreciation for the history and eccentricities of electric guitar music. Whether you’re looking to sound like Bo Diddley, John Mayer, or St. Vincent, we get it and we got it. Learn more about us here.


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36 of 121 Items

About Our Electric Guitars

Grounded in tradition, but facing the future, the electric guitar lines we carry are a reflection of our tastes and musical sensibilities. We are honored to offer Fender Custom Shop electric guitars, as it is impossible to imagine us doing what we do without the historic innovations of Leo Fender. We also proudly peddle Collings electric guitars, which we consider to be some of the finest and most refined solid-body electrics solid-bodies ever conceived of. Leading the charge in idiosyncratic builds, our friends at Novo exclusively produce offset guitars that consistently blow our minds. We appreciate the rich lineage of Heritage guitars, which are built in the original Gibson factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan. We are also deeply enthusiastic about our modern builder such as PRS, Suhr, and Charvel, each of which expand upon tradition in unique and alluring ways. Simply put, we like all kinds of music, and therefore, all kinds of guitars!


With so many technological nuances contained within the chain that starts with your fingers and ends at your ears, gear selection becomes a highly personal process. We’re here to walk you through every layer, large and small. From pickups, to tonewoods, to scale length, to fret wire, we’re committed to finding you an electric guitar that responds like an extension of your body. We want to help you find an instrument that suits your unique tastes and musical life experience.


Call us today and we’ll help you find the perfect electric guitar. As players, ourselves, we’re constantly weighing pros and cons, styles and tastes. Tell us about the sound you’re looking for and we’ll track it down somewhere in our inventory. Describe that perfect shade of green and we’ll see if one of our builders can mix it for you. The secret to our success is that we share your passion and have cultivated the necessary relationships to bring dreams into fruition. The musical landscape has shifted dramatically since the first telecaster was unveiled, but we love riding the waves. In the words of Chuck Berry: “Hail, Hail Rock & Roll!”