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LPD Pedals

LPD Pedals specialize in packing vintage British tones into road-worthy effects pedals. An aficionado of early Plexis, founder Lawrence Petross set up shop in Mesa, Arizona with the intention of creating a stomp-box that could instantly transport you from glistening cleans to thick, British Crunch without compromising articulation or pick dynamics. We love offering big sounds in small packages, so Midwood is thrilled to announce that we have joined the LPD dealer network.

About the LPD Pedals Lineup

The LPD Sixty8, Sixty8 Deluxe, and Sixty8 Stacked allow you to switch gears on Petross’ favorite ‘68 12000 series, while the LPD Seventy4 pays tribute to metal-faced Plexi and Master volume JMP, both of which were released in 1974.

For more of a modded 80s vibe, plug into the LPD87 or LPD87 Deluxe. LPD even offers an enhanced “K-style” pedal that extends the sweet spot and increases the touch sensitivity and bass response of the original Centaur. 

In addition to dirt boxes, LPD makes an excellent reverb and a mesmerizing chorus. The Cascade is a plate reverb that’s designed to immerse rather than overwhelm, allowing the player to go from subtle, bright reflections to dark, deep pools of resonance. The Tidal Chorus ranges from a warm, classic chorus to a full-on ensemble effect with optional rotary and vibrato flavoring. 

When it comes to tone, texture, and timbre, LPD has you covered. Many of us at Midwood already have LPD pedals on our boards and would love to help you find the perfect unit for your rig. Call the shop today for more information, or stop by and we’ll plug you in! 

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