Walrus Audio

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Walrus Audio believes that inspiration can be reciprocal. They embrace the diversity of musical tastes and draw influence from a wide range of sonic auteurs. When they hear a new sound, they strive to capture it in pedal form. After completing a satisfactory prototype, they send the pedal to musicians that they admire and wait for feedback. This intensive field testing results in exceptional products that are primed for the studio and stage. By making connections between disparate artists and styles, Walrus Audio helps turn the world of music into more of a family, one that Midwood Guitar Studio is proud to belong to. 

About Walrus Audio

One of our favorite things about Walrus Audio is the way that they combine reverb, modulation, and delay effects into imaginative workstations. The Descent Reverb is a perfect example. Starting with a classic Hall sound, the Descent adds reverse and shimmer modes with the option to add high and low octaves to your signal. This results in a pedal capable of both subtle and immersive soundscapes. If you want a Reverb that goes DEEP, you must consider The Descent

Walrus Audio doesn’t just offer new tones, they reimagine the way guitarists interface with sound itself. Their Janus pedal is a dual tremolo/fuzz box with two joysticks that control each effect on an XY axis. This proves especially useful if you record and playback a loop, allowing you to either dial in the perfect tone, or play the pedal as an extension of your instrument. The Janus can rhythmically toggle between menacing and ethereal tones, or just help you find the perfect place in a mix. 

With so many distinctive effects in the line, we find it difficult to settle on just one Walrus Audio pedal. In tandem, the creative potential expands exponentially. For example, combine the Luminary Quad Octave Generator with the Slö Multi-Texture reverb and you’ll have access to fretboards worth of lush, atmospheric pads. Pair the Polychrome Analog Flanger with the Kangra Filter Fuzz and get lost in the neo-psychedelic aether. These pedals are packed with possibilities. Give us a call and let’s discuss the best Walrus Audio pedal(s) for you!