Taylor Guitars


Taylor Guitars have long set the standard for the modern and contemporary acoustic guitar market.


Taylor Guitars is largely responsible for the development of the modern acoustic guitar. Since the mid-70s, Taylor has been crafting innovative instruments that address many of the issues guitarists have been navigating since the dawn of the steel string. Whether it’s their “NT” bolt-on necks, which offer an unprecedented amount of  adjustability, or their new “V-brace”, which reimagines the instrument’s internal structure to better follow the course of the strings, there’s always something new and remarkable about a Taylor guitar.

All that said, Taylor's top priorities have always been consistency, playability, and tone. Nothing else sounds or plays quite like a Taylor guitar. In a world full of traditionalists, Taylor has asserted themselves as one of the major builders by taking the exact opposite approach. The most creative and ambitious minds recognize that there’s always room for improvement.