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Taylor Guitars

Taylor Guitars are largely responsible for the development of the modern, American guitar. Since the mid-70s, Taylor has been crafting innovative instruments that address many of the issue’s players have been navigating since the dawn of the steel string. Whether it’s their “NT” bolt-on necks, which utilize a single piece of wood up the fretboard to the 19th fret and allows the guitarist to adjust action with shims, or their new “V-brace”, which reimagines the instrument’s internal structure to better follow the course of the strings, there’s always something new and remarkable coming out at Taylor.

The most creative and ambitious minds recognize that there’s always room for improvement. That said, their top priorities have always been consistency, playability, and tone. In a world full of “traditional” acoustics, Taylor has asserted themselves as one of the major acoustic builders by taking the exact opposite approach. As a consequence, nothing else sounds or plays quite like a Taylor. See all our Acoustic Guitars here.

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More About Taylor Acoustic Guitars

Taylor Guitars is also unique in their commitment to build an affordable guitar for any player or style of music. Bob Taylor and his team are passionate about putting quality guitars into the hands of those with limited means. Over the years, Taylor Guitars has developed a sophisticated approach to guitar design that allows them to render a highly playable guitar out of virtually any “tone wood”. In fact, to illustrate this Bob actually built a Dreadnought out of an old, oak shipping pallet in 1995. Their highest end instruments are crafted in El Cajon, California, while their budget-friendly acoustic guitars are built in Tecate, Mexico. This commitment to accessibility later led Taylor to pursue other “exotic” woods beyond the traditional Mahogany and East Indian Rosewood. Ovangkol, Sapele, and Tasmanian Blackwood are a few of the different options they now offer. They even purchased their own Ebony mill to maximize the usable timber and ensure ethical business practices.

The projection has always been unique and an appealing instrument for all genres of music (fully defined midrange accented by strong bass and shimmering highs). However, it would be rather unlike Bob Taylor to remain satisfied with a single recipe for too long. In 2011, he hired master luthier Andy Powers to further refine Taylor’s visual and sonic aesthetic. Today, their upper echelon instruments such as the Custom Grand Auditorium are simply staggering. They have extended the sustain, focused the intonation, and amplified the overtones. Open chords sound simply ethereal, and single notes shine with an unprecedented intensity. They’ve also gravitated to earthier appointments such as wooden pick-guards and sleek, subtle armrests. Taylor also offers a Limited-Edition line that features the PS14ce 12-Fret LTD as the top of line offering.

It’s more than just steel-strings that bear the Taylor name on their headstocks, however. They offer classical, electric, and semi-hollow electrics, as well. In fact, even their acoustic guitars use a humbucking pickup in addition to soundboard transducers to achieve volume and clarity. Indeed, Taylor has long been the leader for plugged-in tone. They even have a Richie Sambora signature model! Midwood Guitar Studio is the only Independent Taylor Guitar Dealer in Charlotte, NC.