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Two-Rock Amplifiers

The goal of Two-Rock amplifiers is both simple and profound: Build amps that offer maximum clean headroom while serving as a natural extension of your instrument. Committed to staying small and personally testing each amp, co-owner Eli Lester and his team source the best custom components available and build whatever they can in-house, including the transformers. Inspired by a deep reverence for vintage Fenders and 6L6 power tubes, Two-Rock ensures that each of their models has a wide tonal pallet that offers classic, as well as totally original sounds.

Two-Rock amplifiers flagship tube amplifier, the Classic Reverb Signature, is chocked full of features and advantages. First off, you’ve got an adjustable Field Gain Transistor (FET) that serves as an initial buffered gain stage. Next, you’ve got a three-band EQ with boost stages above each potentiometer. In addition to the panel EQ, you’ve got a three-position gain structure switch which takes the player from vintage blackface Fender to the imminently iconic Two-Rock Front end. The first thing that you notice about this amp is the way it feels. No matter what sonic context you find yourself in, the Classic Reverb Signature responds in an intuitive and predictable fashion. The extensive controls simply help you refine perfection.

Two Rock’s Studio Signature amp line has been one of our besting selling tube amplifiers over the years. 6L6 tubes provide 35 watts of clean power which is a great pedal platform. The Studio Signature comes in a combo or in a head/cabinet configuration.

With noted tone-obsessed guitarists such as Eric Johnson, Doyle Bramhall, and Ariel Posen sporting Two-Rock’s as their stage amps, it’s easy to understand why they’ve become so coveted. Although they built their reputation on high-wattage models, they offer lower wattage versions as well, along with the 28-watt, tweed inspired, Burnside. As professional guitarists, we’re required to share our music in a variety of environments, and the tone, feel, and power of a Two-Rock amps is simply ideal. You can really navigate the architecture with these amps. We’re thrilled to be carrying them here at Midwood Guitar Studio and we would love to plug you into one. This magic deserves to be heard.

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