Collings Guitars

The ever-ambitious Bill Collings founded Collings in 1973 and started building electric guitars in 2006. By taking largely Gibson-inspired designs and subjecting them to his rigorous criterion for “perfection”, he was able to produce a line of instruments that proved an enormous success with professional players. Their solid-body “290” has all the meat and thunder of it’s “Jr.” counterpart with added sensitivity and woody resonance. Their I-35 is a double-cut semi-hollow that thinks it’s a 17” inch archtop! A Collings electric guitar is a classic car on the outside and a modern luxury jet once you start playing. Taking inspiration from increasingly diverse sources, Collings Guitars continues to expand their electric guitar line into exciting new territory despite the passing of Bill Collings in 2017. Find your next Collings at Midwood Guitar Studio!


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