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Fender Custom Shop 


Fender Custom Shop is the leader of the pack in boutique guitar market and wouldn't exist without the pioneer of the first electric guitar, Leo Fender. Leo had the burning passion to improve the design of the hollow bodied electric guitar. Leo Fender designed and released the Broadcaster in 1951. The Broadcaster name was short lived and was replaced by the infamous Telecaster. Nearly seventy years later, the Telecaster design is still relevant today and is commonly chosen for all forms of music.

In 1951, Fender released the most iconic bass of all time, the Precision Bass. The Precision Bass or P Bass was a staple in Motown and can be heard on any record today.

In 1954, Fender launched the Stratocaster. The Stratocaster quickly became the world’s favorite Rock N Roll guitar.

In 1991, The Fender Custom Shop changed the high-end electric guitar and bass guitar market. The Fender Custom Shop still utilizes the early Fender models such as the Telecaster, Stratocaster, Jazz Bass, and the Precision Bass for the foundation of the brand.

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