PRS Guitars


PRS Guitars set the bar for the highest quality electric guitar being manufactured today.



PRS was created by Paul Reed Smith n 1985 and calls Stevensville, Maryland home.  Paul Reed Smith guitars is well known for their highly figured quilted maple tops, superior craftsmanship and for their forward thinking-guitar designs. PRS collaborated with Ted McCarty in 1994 and launched the McCarty series to their electric guitar lineup. The McCarty series consists of the following models: McCarty, McCarty 594, McCarty 594 HB II and the McCarty SC594.

In 2000, PRS released the S2 series which is made in Korea but are built with the same quality standards as the PRS USA guitars. In 2020, PRS is releasing the S2 McCarty which will pack Core guitar quality for less than two thousand dollars. The S2 McCarty's will be available in the Fall of 2020.


PRS produces acoustic guitars, amplifiers, bass guitars, electric guitars and pickups.



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