Mythos Pedals

Mythos Pedals

Founded by Zach Broyles in 2010, and based out of Nashville, Tennessee, Mythos pedals has crafted and curated an inspiring family of pedals that every guitar player ought to hear. Drawing inspiration from a deep, decade-spanning well of tone, Mythos builds fuzz, overdrive, octave, echo, and boost pedals that simultaneously sound vintage, classic, and new. This is a pedal company with profound, gnostic wisdom concerning the means by which one can make an amp sing, growl, and spit!

About Mythos Pedals

Rock & Roll has a wonderful mythology, and within the pantheon of guitar gods and goddesses lie the secrets to certain sounds that are only available to the initiated. This cross-section of sound and myth is where Mythos Pedals steps in.

The tone of the Mythos Pedals Golden Fleece was shorn from the winged ram known as Nels Cline. Though he began his career as a Jazz guitarist and consummate avant-gardener, Cline ascended to fame as the guitarist for alt-country heroes, Wilco. He became known for a full and dynamic sort of fuzz tone that always cut through beautifully, without overpowering. Many a Mythos Golden Fleece review has extolled the touch sensitivity of this simple pedal, but you truly need experience it in person. Everybody’s picking hand is different, and this fuzz pedal seems to get that. Hold back, and it purrs. Dig in, and it growls.

The Chupacabra pedal draws inspiration from a different sort of mythology. ZZ Top emerged from the scorched deserts of Texas with a tone that went on the inspire a legion of imitators. This Mythos pedal manages to suck out the tone from those first few ZZ Top records that are basically graduate-level lectures on how an electric guitar should sound. Somewhere between classic overdrive and vintage fuzz, the Chupacabra knows how to push the right sort of high gain. You’re going to relish the way this pedal makes you claw at your guitar. You may even forgo a pick for a metal coin like Billy Gibbons.

The Mythos Herculean V2 is, for many, the mightiest pedal in all the land. Its strength lies in the ability to infuse any rig with subtle to nearly DUMBLE-esque tone. For those who want to gnaw that tender sonic meat that hangs on either side of overdrive, the Herculean definitely hits the sweet spot. The transparency knob lets you temper the high gain to match the character of your instrument, and the bass knob cracks open the wallop!

It is a great honor to carry Mythos pedals here at Midwood Guitar Studio, and most of the staff here can boast a boost or four on our boards. As gigging musicians and purveyors of high-end gear, we’re always on the hunt for the perfect sound. Oftentimes, it’s just as likely to come from an overdrive or a fuzz as it is from a guitar. If you need more info on Mythos pedals, give us a call, shoot us an email, or stop by the store, and let’s discuss the sort of sounds you can get from this wonderful, Nashville-based pedal company.