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Vox Guitars

Vox is best known for producing the amps favored by rock legends such as The Beatles and Queen, Vox Guitar's has a rich history of guitar manufacturing as well. From the pentagonal Phantoms to the semi-hollow Bobcats, Vox guitars embody the classic cool of 60s Italian design. In addition to their striking appearance, Vox guitars were some of the first electrics to offer on-board effects and synth-like modulation, a tradition which is continued today with the innovative Giulietta VGA-3D, an archtop acoustic/electric hybrid with digital modeling.

Vox is currently revamping and enhancing models from their illustrious catalogue. We especially love the set-neck Bobcats with tune-O-magic bridges, which are available with either single coils or P90s. These guitars feature rich, strong tone and effortless playability. We can’t wait to see what they re-introduce next. Give us a call to talk about Vox guitars today!

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