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Universal Audio

The pedigree of Universal Audio Pedals is untouchable. Founder, Bill Putnam Sr., is widely regarded as the father of the modern recording studio. He invented the console, the multi-band equalizer, and the vocal booth. He was also one of the architects behind artificial reverberation, studio compression, and stereophonic recording. Putnam’s sons rebooted the company in 1999 to continue and expand their father’s legacy. Naturally, when Universal Audio announced that they would be releasing a line of pedals, it caught our attention.

Analog modeling and emulation is Universal Audio’s forte. If anyone could fit a tube amplifier into a stompbox it’s them. They carefully researched the best available examples of vintage models by Fender and Vox and accounted for subtle variables such as speaker choice and popular modifications. The Woodrow '55, Ruby '63 Top Boost, and Dream '65 Reverb Amplifiers allow you to freely explore some of the most coveted sounds in rock history. No detail or parameter is overlooked in these recreations, empowering the player to dial in an individualized tone. Instead of investing in a single vintage amp, why not gain access to a veritable museum of sound.

In addition to amplifier avatars, Universal Audio also makes excellent stand-alone effects units. The Golden Reverberator draws from the golden age of reverb, boasting 50s plate, 60s spring, and “early digital” settings with a massive amount of flexibility therein. The Starlight Echo Station does everything from a faithful tape echo (with the ability to use old or new “tape machines”) to celestial digital delays with swirling modulation. The Astra Modulation Machine gives you a slew of effects such as tube tremolo, chorus/vibrato, flange, and doubling. With these pedals, it’s easy to dial in a seamless, iconic tone.

If you’re chasing a classic guitar effect sound, but don’t want the hassle or expense of a room full of vintage gear, why not trust the company that’s been there since the beginning? Universal Audio can make you sound like anybody from Chuck Berry to Brian May, straight into your headphones! We’re thrilled to be carrying these wonderful pedals. Stop by soon and listen for yourself.

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