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A Morgan Amplification head or combo isn’t just an amplifier, but an instrument unto itself. By combining custom designed transformers with carefully selected components and hand-wiring, Morgan is able to imbue each of their models with incredible touch sensitivity. The amplifiers come in different flavors, and each offer something unique, making it hard to settle on just one.

Some of the most coveted tube amps in rock history were designed by Fender in the 50s and 60s. Morgan Amps has succeeded in retaining the qualities that made these historic models so phenomenal, while enhancing them with modern power and flexibility. Starting at the beginning, the Tweed 20 takes a familiar 12-watt, dual 6V6 design and gives it more power and low-end. The PR12 is similar, but draws inspiration from later “blackface” models, with the addition of a dwell control for the reverb which allows you to control the decay of the effect. Both the Tweed20 and the PR12 come with void less Baltic birch ply cabs with fixed baffles for an even and full transference of energy.

Morgan Amplification has a slew of amps inspired by the British Invasion, too. The EL84 powered AC20 conjures 60s chime and jangle, but also has a power level control so that you can let it rip without blowing out the windows. The Dual 20 adds a switchable EF86 power tube for more growl, as well as a top boost channel with an additional gain stage. The MVP66 brilliantly employs the historic KT66 power tube, making the most of its massive midrange. The MVP23 combines American cleans with British dirt to give you an exceptionally broad palette.

Whenever a Morgan shows up, we giddily plug in guitar after guitar, reveling in the tone and sensitivity. The only thing better than playing one alone is hearing it cut through a mix. Even the smaller models easily locate the “sweet spot”. Perfect for the studio, stage, or bedroom, these amps can do it all. Stop by and we’ll plug you into one!

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  • Morgan PR12 1x12 Combo - Twilight Morgan PR12 1x12 Combo - Twilight
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    Morgan PR12 1x12 Combo - Twilight

    Morgan Amplification
    Morgan PR12 1x12 Combo - Twilight-"USED" Midwood Guitar Studio is now a proud dealer of Morgan Amplification! Here we have the amazing PR12 combo from Morgan!  This amp has huge blackface style tones for it's size and is a very loud 12...
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