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Acoustic Guitars


It all started with acoustic guitars. Here at Midwood Guitar Studio, we offer a wide range of acoustic models, both iconic and progressive. From Martin Guitars, the American builder first established in 1833, to Maton Guitars, the family-owned Australian company that swept the world, our brands are carefully selected to meet the needs and tastes of our customers. Whether you’re a flat-picker, finger-stylist, performing singer-songwriter, or couch-bound strummer, we’ve likely got the steel-string you’ve been pining for hanging on our walls.


We also recognize the importance of offering instruments at different price-points. That said, even our entry-level Eastman Guitars are professional grade. Every guitar we sell is worthy of the stage. We carry various Taylor Guitars, from GS-minis to limited-run builder’s editions. Some folks choose to sink all their money into one guitar, while others want a whole stable. Either way, we’ve got the options and the knowledge to guide you.


Each of the lines we carry has a distinct backstory, and we love sharing the details with our customers. Jean Larrivee of Larrivee guitars started out building nylon stringed guitars in the classical tradition, and some of that characteristic balance and sensitivity is present in his steel strings. The late Bill Collings of Collings Guitars used his engineering expertise to produce some of the most consistently brilliant instruments of the 21st century. Paul Reed Smith of PRS boldy inserted himself between Fender and Gibson with his innovative solid-body electrics, and later launched a line of acoustic guitar line renowned for their lush overtones and effortless playability.


Every guitarist is unique, so we make a point of carrying diverse body-styles and tone wood combinations. Our showroom is an invaluable resource for comparison. Stop by and we’ll put some acoustic guitars in your hands. We won’t stop until we find the perfect fit. It’s in here somewhere.


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